What are your services like?

Our worship services have a relaxed atmosphere with uplifting worship and practical challenges from God’s Word. Our music is blended with praise and worship.

 How long are your worship services?

Our worship services last about an hour to an hour and fifteen minutes. We offer a Worship service Sunday morning at 11am and Wednesday at 6:30pm.

Is there a class or program to learn more about Anchor Point Church?

Yes. We have a membership orientation class to explain our background, purpose, doctrine and philosophy of ministry. We call this the FOUNDATIONS Class and it is open to all who want to become a member or just learn more about Anchor Point Church. If you would like to attend this class, please register at Guest Central.

Is Anchor Point Church affiliated with any other churches?

Anchor Point Church is an independent church but voluntarily affiliates with The National Association of Free Will Baptists, the South Carolina Association of Free Will Baptists, and the Beaver Creek Conference.

How should I dress when I attend Anchor Point?

At Anchor Point our members dress in all types of fashions. Some wear suits while others wear sport shirts. We even have some who wear jeans and t-shirts. The best way to describe how our people dress can be summed up in two words: comfortable and modest. No matter your attire, you will not feel out of place…you will feel welcomed.


Has Anchor Point taken measures to ensure the safety of our children?

Yes. All of our staff and volunteers who work with children have been screened. All workers have to be a part of Anchor Point Church for at least 6 months and complete a “Child Protection Workshop” to be eligible to work with our children or teens. Reference checks are made, as well as criminal background checks, on all our workers, paid and volunteer.

Does Anchor Point offer any security to its members?

Yes. We have set up a security process for all our services with personnel posted to help reduce the risk of violence. We have security measures in place to make our services more secure for those who have come to worship. We also provide medical assistance for those attending our services.

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